why vegan

für tiereFor the animals

In today’s intensive livestock farming, animals are very often treated like machines. Each year, approximately 750 million animals are slaughtered in Germany. The rearing of animals in factory farms is cruel, many of them never see the sunlight, will never be able to spread their wings or to behave in a way that’s normal for their species.

Most animals are forcibly adapted to the types of farming: horns, ringed tails, beaks and teeth are reduced or removed without anesthesia. Many of the animals wouldn’t  even survive the time until slaughter, that’s why antibiotics are routinely added to the feed to prevent epidemics.


für umweltFor environment

A vegan diet is the best thing you can do for the environment, because the livestock industry is one of the biggest environmental sins of our time. Huge areas of forest cut down each year to develop new surface on which feed may be grown .

Meat – the largest food ” spendthrift ” in the world?
Numbers that make you think: half of the annual grain harvest is fed to fattening animals. While there are 842 million hungry people in this world. In addition, billions of tons of water are wasted for meat production . With only one vegan dish you can save more than 4000 liters of water , because for 1 kilograms of cheese or beef water up to 16 000 liters is wasted. In comparison, only a few hundred liters are needed for vegan food.

für dich


For you

A balanced and varied vegan diet in combination with a healthy lifestyle provides you with everything you need for a healthy life.

A purely vegetarian diet reduces the risk of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, gout, numerous cardiovascular diseases or cancer and developing Alzheimer’s disease by a multiple.

You can only win!